Is Long Term Care Just For Old Folks?

I knew I had to do my grief work and did not shirk it. This work paid off and I was starting to feel better when my brother died eight weeks later. Several months later the twin’s father studied in another car crash. The fourth death in the family shook my sense of safety. What would happen next?

One word: stop. One in five deaths each year in the united states is caused by smoking. Lung cancer deaths and an increase of coronary heart disease and strokes are your legacy if you smoke. Not to mention it prevents those around you from having a good quality of life. Smoking is dirty, stinky and very unattractive.

My son Kage was 15 months old when i found out I was pregnant again. I had thrown myself wholeheartedly into the role of Kage’s mommy and now I had a new baby on the way. I honestly didn’t know how to be someone else’s mommy.

Update, 3/14/2011: The U.S. Department of health and human services is announcing a proposal to change the recommended fluoride level to 0.7 milligrams per liter of water. The standard since 1962 has been a range of 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams per liter. There was no health risk at the higher level, but fluorosis has been observed in kids teeth, particularly those who may get fluoride from other sources.

In March of that year – when I was five months pregnant – our house burned, bringing an amazing amount of stress to me. We had to live with my parents which was also stressful. Later, when we started building a new house – more stress.

It is at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights where you can find her working. She moves in any department depending where they need her as she is a floating nurse. Many hospitals are still running on tight schedules despite the us economy showing signs of slowing down. Patients expect more from hospitals these days she says. Many hospitals operate at lightning speed as the public demands are increasing and the patients are getting sicker.

Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) providers can change the particulars of their plans at any time with a short warning period for plan enrollees. These changes can include changes to which drugs are covered under the plan, which pharmacies are in the plans network, the charges associated with being a part of the plan and any other detail of the plan. These changes are at the discretion of the plan administrator and can be implemented at any time.

Behold: the wondrous “concept of compromise.” After all, ethics must be decided by majority vote since in this postmodern world we have no common and accepted objective standards such as the Ten Commandments or the Word of God. So we open doors with words like “but only for a very good reason” and “except under exceptional circumstances.” And suggest that animal-human hybrid embryos may not be good things, but . . . Who decides the exceptions? The scientists performing them? And yes, there are always exceptions, good exceptions, depending, of course, on what you mean by ‘good’.